Behind the jewel, meet the technology

After 6 years of participating to T-Gold exhibition, the International show for discovering the most innovative technologies and machinery applied to gold and jewelry applications, Starrag Vuadens SA and its Bumotec production equipment become a key player there.

On our tiny booth, as fairground is pretty small and request from exhibitors to participate are not totally covered by the fair organization due to the lack of space available, we had the opportunity to meet potential customers from mainly Europe, Asia and Middle East.

Pretty well known by jewels producers and specialists, T-Gold show is integrated to Vicenzaoro event, which globally welcomes 36,000 visitors from 160 countries, and is declined in different editions around the world, such as Las Vegas, Dubai, Hong Kong. The quality of the contacts established there is really focused on dedicated solutions to produce efficiently perfect masterpieces.

This year we demonstrated our ability to respond to market demands through four different rings produced during the show. Our Bumotec s128 machine producing from bar, gave visitors an overview of flexibility and accuracy in manufacturing flawless rings, using turning, milling, engraving, diamond setting and diamond finishing processes. In a single setup, the Bumotec s128 is able to switch from one recipe to another, changing models according to fashion trends. Using the ability to work with 5-axis simultaneously, our compact machining center produces and engraves a wedding ring in a little bit less than 4 minutes, whatever the raw material used.

As a successful exhibition, we will be part of the game next year with latest technological developments and new showcases of our “savoir-faire” in the luxury goods segment, made in Switzerland. 

Swiss knife producing a diamond ring

During Tgold in Vicenza Italy we demonstrated the capability of our "Swiss Knife" Bumotec s191H to produce a magnificent and complex diamond ring in a single setup and without any production interruptions, thanks to the retaking unit and the palletizer system loading blanks and unloading perfect rings - see the demonstration !