ServicePlus: New service concept for the experts in low-pressure blades

In response to continuous development efforts in the manufacturing sector, machinery manu- facturer Starrag will be collaborating on mainte- nance for a blade manufacturer in Görlitz.

Görlitz-based blade manufacturing is currently undergoing transition from a traditional manufacturing area in the turbine factory to a center of excellence for low-pressure blades for Siemens steam turbines. In addition to the overhauled manufacturing layout with new machines, the center of excellence is distinguished by its professional staff and perfect processes.

It is worth taking a closer look at the processes involved, since these are undergoing change too. For example, where previously a blade step was manufactured as a full batch, the individual production of blades denotes the future direction (one-piece-flow). Moreover, digitalization continues to make inroads into operational processes. It is increasingly supporting staff and processes; in the form of the Manufacturing Information System (MIS) or through Track & Trace (locating software), for example. Processing is becoming faster, safer and more flexible. This means that the maintenance requirements for machines are also changing.

ServicePlus concept with Starrag

Modern maintenance and repair must meet requirements in order to ensure maximum technical availability of machines and to sustainably reduce maintenance costs. But one must not exclude the other. The new ServicePlus concept is a key aspect in fulfilling this, with Starrag as part of the local maintenance concept. Starrag is the manufacturer of almost all milling and machining centers for blade manufacturing. The concept is based around increasing the level of manufacturer support for Starrag machines, with the site responsible for both minor repairs and autonomous maintenance completed by machinery operators. The aim is to elevate the technical availability of these machines from an average of 92 to 95 %, whilst boosting competitiveness. 

Key elements of the partnership with Starrag include:

  • Performing preventative and methodical maintenance measures in line with an agreed maintenance schedule.
  • Starrag establishing a warehouse facility for wear parts at the Görlitz site in order to facilitate quick access to required parts – parts stored directly on site for Siemens.