By Walter Börsch

Dear reader,

Whenever I visit Starrag customers, I hear the same thing again and again: they all use our machines, such all our HEC 400, FOGS or s191 Linear. When talking to plant managers, maintenance engineers and operators alike, they are all proud of our good, solid “made by Starrag”production technology that they use to produce things like minute implants, gigantic aircraft components and heavy tools.

All of these machines are assigned to a product range: the HEC 400 is produced in the Heckert product range, the FOGS in the Droop+Rein product range and the s191 in the Bumotec product range. This underlines the competence of the individual Starrag sites and is also reflected in our communication with you: on your machines, on our website and on our business cards. 

This marketing strategy fits perfectly with our motto “Engineering precisely what you value” – a statement that also aligns with our new orientation to customer groups. 

Starrag has divided the four industries that we supply into a total of 11 market segments:

Aero Engines – Aero Structures – Avionics

Oil & Gas – Power Turbines – Renewables

Heavy Duty Vehicles & Engines – On-Road Vehicles

Industrial Components – Luxury Goods – Med Tech

However, that was not enough for us, as our motto is that we always provide the customer with precisely what they need and what is important to them: nothing more and nothing less. So, we have divided all 11 market segments into application groups, which we are offering as new, special Starrag solutions. For example, the Aero Structures market segment is organised into the application groups of aluminium, titanium and landing gear.

This reorientation has been carried out as part of our new single-brand strategy. Starrag will only be using the “Starrag” brand in external communication and is gradually renaming all companies involved in production within the Group as “Starrag”.  To use a single brand is appropriate and consistent, because we are linked through the same brand values –regardless of location or product range: expert, focused, dynamic and working together successfully.

Find out what this reorientation means for you at one of our Starrag sites around the world. Alternatively, why not visit us at EMO Hannover (Hall 12, Stand B60) from 18 to 23 September – we are looking forward to seeing you there. Among other things, we will be presenting our very special solutions for “Industrie 4.0”, which are available for all four of the industries that we supply. More information on our style of digital transformation and other new Starrag solutions can be found in the “Star” stories in the latest issue of our customer magazine. I look forward to receiving your feedback, in person or otherwise.

Sincerely, Walter Börsch