By Walter Börsch

Dear reader,

By now, you are almost certainly familiar with our claim: “Engineering precisely what you value”. But the word “value” is meant here in the very truest sense of the word: Our customers are always provided with precisely what they need and what is important to them: nothing more and nothing less.

But let’s move on from the slogans and talk about what this actually means in practice – what do you, as our customer, particularly value? Every single day, Starrag occupies itself with this very question and the search for the right answers. And the results of our searches never cease to amaze me.

I took a look at the images and reports from the successful projects and events from recent weeks that we are covering in this issue. One of the most important values of new production equipment has already been touched upon in our cover story: It describes how Max Weishaupt GmbH from Schwendi, Upper Swabia, managed to make the manufacturing process for large, heavy burner housings around 10 % faster and more energy efficient than before thanks to four new Heckert machining centres. This new production process represents an investment in higher quality, greater flexibility and better efficiency, and is therefore an investment in the future.

Safeguarding the future seems to be one of the values that all Starrag customers are addressing, in a variety of ways: KSB AG in Pegnitz places value on tight production structures, through which the company can carry out processing very quickly and with very low dwell times. The company, located in Upper Franconia, is supported in its efforts by a highly productive Dörries CONTUMAT vertical turning lathe. At SWB Schmedthenke Werkzeugbau GmbH in Gütersloh, on the other hand, it was all about a quick changeover. The company’s second milling machine with overhead gantry (Droop+Rein FOGS) began operation just as a 22-week retrofitting period began for an older FOG machine.

For many Starrag customers, safeguarding the future means achieving the highest levels of productivity and the utmost precision: At the “Aero Structures Technology Days 2018” event in Rorschacherberg, aircraft component experts from around the world saw how this could all be harmonised. They also paid a visit to Pilatus Aircraft in Stans. This Starrag customer proves that even in a country with high wages like Switzerland, successful production can still be achieved through intelligent, highly productive manufacturing solutions such as the Ecospeed machining centres.

The Saint Nicholas Tech Day in Immendingen rounds off the reporting on our events. Some 50 experts from Medical Valley attended the event, along with the owner of a small, highly specialised subcontracting business who recently ordered a vertical 5-axis machining centre: “The competition must not know that with a Bumotec s191 PRM, I will soon produce highly accurate medical technology components in a single clamping operation.”

Discretion is also sometimes an important way of securing the future. Discretion is however not appropriate in another matter: As you probably already know, I am leaving Starrag for private reasons after more than ten exciting years. As of 1st June 2018, the company’s future will be secured by the new CEO Christian Walti.

So for the last time, as CEO, I hope you enjoy reading these articles.

Sincerely, Walter Börsch