“Perfection through precision”

Starrag USA Tour

For decades, Starrag, the global technology producer of high precision multi axis machining centers has successfully demonstrated the diversity of applications performed on its machines. 

The model Bumotec s191FTLR 7-axis precision turn mill is evidence of Starrag’s expertise in manufacturing complex parts in a single set up. The Swiss manufacturer demonstrated its capabilities in a road show organized at Ellison Technologies in Kent, WA on February 13th & 14th and in Portland, OR on February 20th and 21st 2018. Each mobile were focused on live machine demonstrations. Additionally, engineers from Switzerland presented a technical overview for users that feature: multi axis programming, milling, grinding, polishing, measuring, building CAD models and implementing cost effective solutions for the workshop.

For a premiere in the USA, this road show was a success. Starrag worked closely with Ellison to communicate to customers and potentials in order to raise their interest and their curiosity …and it worked, almost 80 visitors from 38 different companies participated to live demonstrations.

Today’s medical field requires a high dose of precision and repeatability. The requirement to manufacture complex micro size shapes is more than ever in demand! The MedTech industry is further challenged by the mix of hard metals and alloys used in its products. To overcome these challenges, Bumotec advanced technology delivers the perfect price performance ratio when grinding, milling, turning, drilling and polishing complex parts in a single cycle.

With all the capabilities the Bumotec s191FTLR offers and Starrag’s innovative engineering staff, we were sure our solution would fit precisely the precision needs.

One such part that has been manufactured at the road show was the “femoral head”. Made from Chromium Cobalt, Bumotec’s approach to manufacturing a femoral head is to start with unground bar and finish the head complete in one single set up!  Attendees could watch first-hand the s191FTLR machine “hands off” six sided shapes – including, grinding a spherical shape (2.5 µm) to a polished roughness RA 0.05 − without one single interruption to the machining cycle. The advantage of machining such complex shapes in a single cycle is realized through Bumotec’s seasoned knowhow of maximizing the performance of linear motors, direct torque drives and thermal management on a rigid machine platform. The result is unlimited precision possibilities.

Machining of femoral head

Attendees of the road show could interact with the Swiss engineers to learn more about practical examples of quick change over and fast set ups that deliver higher throughput and lower cycle times compared to traditional methods of costly set ups spread over various machines. With all the capabilities the Bumotec s191FTLR offers and Starrag’s innovative engineering staff, we were sure our solution would fit precisely the precision needs.