Customised solutions 95 Plus

Machine Availability

Reliable production conditions at least with 95% machine availability that´s the Starrag promise. Starrag EMO ambassador Miriam Rickli interviews Günther Eller, Head of Customer Service, about how Starrag keeps its promise.

Dear Günther, I have heard Starrag Group offers a new service product named ServicePlus and achieves with it long term availability of at least 95%! Can you explain what this means?

Günther Eller: ServicePlus is an all-inclusive solution at a fix price for optimized availability and long term machine value retention. Customer environment and customer requirements are very specific. Therefore ServicePlus is customized individually. In a close partnership ServicePlus becomes a success. Together with customers we customized the ServicePlus and set targets for availability. The results are monitored and reviewed regularly. Identifying improvement potential and continuous implementation of improvement measures is part of ServicePlus.

Please, give us an overview about the content of ServicePlus.

Günther Eller: The basic content of each ServicePlus offer are our annual OEM preventive and predictive maintenance, spare parts, wear parts and repair inclusive like in warranty as well as priority access to Starrag`s global field engineers, technical hotline and remote diagnosis. Customized are parts storage and parts supply concepts, motor-spindle solutions, customer training, technology and production support. As said before, availability targets will be set and a bonus/malus system for achievement can be agreed.


Service Plus

What does such a ServicePlus contract cost?

Günther Eller: With the wide range of Starrag`s product offer from a small Bumotec s191 for watches to an Ecospeed for airplane wing skins there is no flat answer to costs. Also the customized ServicePlus content results in price differences. But let me give you an example. A 3-year ServicePlus or- dered together with a titanium milling center with 2 mCHF value would be about 3 TCHF per month. ServicePlus is also offered for older machines. In that case, there will be a proper inspection of the machines, if necessary followed by overhaul before starting ServicePlus.  

And what costs can be saved as a result?

Günther Eller: Also not easy to answer and depending a lot on customer priorities. But let me also use an example. One of our European customers started a ServicePlus for a few older machines. Availability was on 85%. With ServicePlus it could be ramped-up to now stable 97%. With an estimate cost rate for the machine of 150 CHF/hours and 3-shift production this could be a 100 TCHF benefit per machine and year. But not only increased availability are customer benefits from ServicePlus. Also the plannable costs, the much lesser unexpected break-downs, the reliable machine accuracy resulting in quality of machined parts and last but not least the machine value retention are additional customer benefits. It is beyond our skills to express this in money but I am convinced customers will do their calculations.

Starrag provides tailored solutions! Can you give us an example to this?

Günther Eller: Well, tailored service solution are not only offered to ServicePlus customers. They are our standard for all customers. We deliver machines and technologies for dedicated applications to a global customer base. Our service solutions have to meet the specific requirements of different application fields, locations and individual customers. Based on standardized and proven service products customers all over the world can choose a ServicePlus menu or al a carte. 

“Thanks to Günther, I have learned that Starrag not only sets best in class standards with innovative technologies, but also provides innovative lifetime support with their comprehensive service offer and the all-inclusive ServicePlus.”