by Dr Christian Walti

Dear reader,

Writing this editorial always brings me great pleasure because it always features interesting people.

If there is one businessman I wish I could have met, it would be Henri Levy from the Alsace region in France. He took over a locksmith’s workshop in Rorschach in 1897 and his company started, with only a few employees, designing and constructing its own textile machines for the renowned hand embroideries of the Swiss Canton of St.Gallen. In this specific article, you can read about how his workshop survived the crisis in the textile industry by switching to machine tools. The naturalized Swiss citizen would certainly be proud of today’s international Starrag Group which, in 2022, can look back on 125 years of turbulence and innovation.

In July, over 200 people attended the Aerospace Technology Days event. Together with ZEISS, we invited experts from the aerospace and energy industries to the event at Lake Constance. In addition to the many technical presentations, I was particularly fascinated by our guest speaker, Claude Nicollier, the only Swiss astronaut to date to have gone to space four times.

However, back on earth, we have exciting projects going on, as demonstrated by a meeting at our plant in Bielefeld. Henning Albrechtsen met with Hubert Erz, a senior consultant for sales in renewables, with whom the HACO Managing Director has worked in close collaboration for a number of years. Once again, they are working together, this time to construct two gigantic Droop+Rein portal machines which the Danish family-owned company will use to manufacture enormous rotor housings for wind power plants.

For Starrag, good cooperation starts even before the point of purchase. This was also picked up on by machinists from Swiss housing specialists Max Schilling when they visited our parent plant in Rorschacherberg to have their own parts tested and optimized on the five-axis machining center STC 800. Operations Manager Paul Oberholzer was full of praise for this: “the technological support was really first-class and considerably contributed to our decision to make a purchase.”

Two world firsts were also influenced by enthusiastic collaborators. Read about the great passion shown by Del West Europe, a leading Swiss manufacturer of high-end precision products, in optimizing the Bumotec 191neo from Starrag Vuadens. Also, worth readin is about the eagerness of Jonny Lippmann, Product Manager for the Heckert product range in Chemnitz, for “sensational projects” with the new Heckert T55 five-axis horizontal machining center.

I hope you enjoy reading this Star 02-2022


Christian Walti