by Walter Börsch

Dear reader,

It would be a great quiz question: What do implants, surgical instruments, aircraft landing gear and packaging machines all have in common? Well, only a few will know the answer but I’m sure plenty of our Star readers know that all of these products, components and systems are made on Starrag Group machine tools for users from these market segments.

In the last issue, I mentioned the all-encompassing claim. True to the motto “Engineering precisely what you value”, we provide all of our customers with precisely what they need and what is important to them: nothing more, nothing less. We applied this motto when the Swiss aircraft manufacturer Pilatus, commissioned a flexible production system that processes medium-sized aluminium structural components with two ECOSPEED F machining centres, in a highly auto- mated process. In comparison to previous results, production capacity for the customer increased by around a third.

Such a customer-oriented solution would be incomplete without the tailor-made service offered by our Customer Service business unit: Over 300 specialists from this global business unit work together with the customer to find the perfect solution for their machines.

It comes naturally to us, as we set up our own machines and equipment and are therefore one of the internal core customers of Customer Service. The Starrag Group happily uses the services of this business unit, whose service range is clear for all to see; ranging from typical after-sales service, to supplying spare parts, production support and retrofitting. A particular highlight is our service for spindles, developed together with well-known companies and partly built by us. Within the scope, we can not only respond quickly in the event of an outage, but also give the user advice about up- grades. Read how our Customer Service team supports the customer throughout the entire service life of the machine.

You can find this and other “Star” stories in this issue of our customer magazine and at one of the many Starrag Group events happening in 2017: In February, it was announced that the Technology Days Precision Engineering 2017 will be held in Tuttlingen, the German “medical valley”. Demonstrations, carried out by TechCentre für Medizin und Feinmechanik, will include the six-sided processing of complex, medical engi- neering products featuring two Bumotec machining centres. You can look forward to other equally exciting events such as EMO 2107, which takes place in September in Hanover, where the Starrag Group will present itself not only as a machine manufacturer but also as a system supplier with the focus on Industry 4.0. I eagerly await your feedback, in person or otherwise.

Sincerely, Walter Börsch