Strategy for the effects of the coronavirus pandemic

Service precisely what you value

As is the case for most businesses, Starrag customers are currently having to deal with production downtime, a lack of orders and a reduced workforce due to the coronavirus crisis. They need a service that can react to this new, constantly changing global situation with a high degree of flexibility in order to survive. 

For manufacturing companies to continue working efficiently in these times, machine suppliers must provide a customized service strategy. But how can this be done at a time when travel is limited and companies are taking their responsibility to keep employees safe extremely seriously?

Provision for failures 

The fundamentals of our service strategy, introduced by Head of Customer Service Günther Eller, are not changing. Two years ago, he said in an interview: “We offer our customers service solutions tailored to their needs. The service often starts before the failure occurs: We use a wide range of measures to ensure that machines fail rarely or not at all.” Customer training, condition monitoring, regular predictive and preventive maintenance by Starrag experts and tailored ServicePlus concepts are all proven instruments for preventing unplanned downtimes and maintaining the value of the machines. And just in case there is an incident …

Teleservice and remote diagnostics

Customers can use the Starrag Service Hotline to speak to staff directly. Starrag has an extensive infrastructure for providing remote service, which enables staff to quickly and reliably assist the customer with any kind of machine fault via the Internet or the Service Hotline. Specialists analyze the current machine condition and use this information to help eliminate faults. In times when travel restrictions are in place, this service can be extended to include remote repair.

Günther Eller

“We use a wide range of measures to ensure that machines fail rarely or not at all.”

Agile transport logistics provide a reliable parts supply

This strategy has proven successful for many years, so it is remains unchanged. The only new approach that Starrag is taking is to adapt almost every day to the changing conditions worldwide. All global Starrag logistics centers are still open and responding rapidly to new challenges in terms of transport logistics – from limited flights to long queues at the borders. 

Deploying technicians to customer sites

The Starrag Field Service will continue to attend service call-outs as far as this is permissible and possible under the current conditions. Starrag currently also has the resources available to carry out spontaneous maintenance on machines that are currently not being used due to the coronavirus crisis.  

The aim of all measures remains to be able to offer customers measurable added value when it comes to service, even if the external influences have become more challenging.